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September 28, 2016

Hello Everyone!

My name is Joseph Baker and I am a Sophomore here at Clemson University studying Accounting with a minor in Finance. This past summer I was looking for an opportunity to add some experience to my resume and I eventually ended up working a Marketing Coordinator postion with StudySoup. It was a great experience and I learned a lot while making a little cash. Now I am the Digital Marketing Coordinator and hopefully through this blog I can keep you up to date on all things StudySoup.

StudySoup is an online student to student marketplace where students can make some money by doing what they are already doing, taking notes! Through StudySoup Elite Note takers take notes and make study guides and sell the to other students in the class and can make a lot of money with no work outside their usual study habits.

For those not interested in taking notes StudySoup also allows you access to notes and study guides for a ton of Clemson specific classes. Studying for tests becomes way more efficient with nice study guides.

I just wanted to write a little post talking about who I am and talk about what StudySoup is all about. Check back soon for another post!

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