Majority of College of Science student awards go to Genetics & Biochemistry students

March 10, 2017


Genetics & Biochemistry students received five of the nine 2017 student awards in the new College of Science, a proud moment for the Department!  Lauren Gambill (GEN + BCHM, May 2017) received the Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher Award, working in the laboratory of Dr. Mark Blenner, Sarah Waldvogel (BCHM + GEN, May 2018) received the outstanding Junior in the Sciences Award, Leland Dunwoodie (BCHM, May 2018) received the COS Blue Key Academic and Leadership Award, and Megan Hunt (BCHM, May 2017) received the COS Phi Kappa Phi Certificate of Merit.  Jacquelyn Evans, a graduate student earning her PhD in the laboratory of Dr. Leigh Ann Clark working on canine genetics, received the Outstanding Graduate Researcher Award.  Jacquelyn received a BS in Genetics from Clemson in 2013, making her A G&B winner twice over.

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