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5.5.10 – Dr. Steve Katz To Give Talks in Europe This Summer and To Serve as Visiting Distinguished Professor at NC State This Fall

After delivering a paper on “Burke’s New Body: The Problem of Virtual Material, and Motive, in a Post-Human Age” at the Kenneth Burke Conference at the University of Ghent, Belgium, the first Burke conference in Europe, Dr. Steve Katz, Pearce Professor of Professional Communication, will be traveling on to Germany, where, in addition to the visiting and talking with researchers in technical communication and the Holocaust at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, he has been invited to deliver a talk, and also conduct an all-day workshop for doctoral and post-doc students, at the Max Planck Institute in Hamburg-Plön. (They are giving him a house on a lake for five days!) The all-day workshop, entitled “Linguistic and Rhetorical Strategies for Writing Scientific Papers (in English Language Journals),” will be held on May 30, and will include the international doctoral and post-docs at the Institute, as well as from surrounding universities (primarily Kiel University). The talk, “Ethical Tensions in Scientific Communication: Negotiation of Conflicts in Writing and Publishing Research,” will be given to the Institute’s scientists and researchers on May 31.

Dr. Katz also has been invited by the English Department at North Carolina State University to be a Visiting Distinguished Professor for the Fall 2013 semester, where he will be filling in for Carolyn Miller, SAS Distinguished Professor, teaching one course and mentoring their MS and doctoral students. While at NC State, Dr. Katz and Ann Penrose will be revising the 4th edition of Writing in the Sciences: Exploring Conventions of Scientific Discourse, which Longman Publishing has requested. It is one of the few books from the Allyn Bacon series being retained and continued by Longman.

Dr. Katz will, of course, continue working with graduate students at Clemson University as well, and will return in January 2014.


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