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10.30.13 – Praise for MAPC Alum Katie Benjamin’s Webinar

Katie BenjaminThe MAPC Program’s 20th Anniversary Alumni Webinar series continued on October 28, 2013 with a presentation from Class of 2008 alum Katie Benjamin. Katie’s webinar, “Life After MAPC: Corporate Communications and Working Abroad” offered detailed information about living and working in a corporate communications environment while abroad. Katie, who currently resides in Sweden with her husband, daughter, and a soon-to-be baby, gave excellent advice on moving overseas, finding work in a foreign country, and assimilating to a new culture. In addition, Katie detailed her experiences working for Sandvik, which is a high technology engineering group with representation in over 100 countries. As Sandvik’s Intranet Publisher, Katie has experience working with content creation, audience analysis, and communication planning. Her webinar offered an informative overview of professional responsibilities within the corporate communications culture at Sandvik.

Faculty, staff, and students have praised Katie’s webinar. First year MAPC student Andrew Barrocas called the talk, “a great resource for MAPC students or anyone looking to work abroad”. Clemson Applications Analyst Irfan Tak identified with a presenter that spoke about working overseas. Irfan said, “As an ‘expat’ in America myself, I can say that living in a foreign country brings many challenges and joys. Even after years of time here, it is so joyous to learn new things on a daily basis.” Katie’s presentation was certainly full of new information, and will serve as a great resource for MAPC students, faculty, and alumni.

You can view Katie’s recorded webinar here: Life After MAPC: Corporate Communications and Working Abroad

The MAPC Program is excited about continuing to offer webinars as an informative and fun means of connecting alumni, students, and faculty. To view previous MAPC webinars, please click the links below.

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