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The Administration of Vulnerability – Open Forum Letter

January 9th, 2016

Here are some numbers you should know: Since 2006, 26% (700) of Clemson staff have been outsourced, moved to time-­‐limited positions, or had their duties streamlined or eliminated. Since 2005, the percentage of tenure or tenure track faculty among full-­‐time instructional faculty has declined from 81.4% to 77.4%. This decline has been steady (in 2010, [Read More]

Faculty Senate Committee Reports for October 2015

November 25th, 2015

The following were committee reports for the October 6th, 2015 Faculty Senate Meeting. Standing Committees: Scholastic Policies Committee: Chair Jane Clark Lindle outlined the committee report dated September 15, 2015. Chair Lindle reported that Bob Brackett will replace Gail Ring, Director of ePortfolio who has left the employ of the University. Issues identified during the summer’s pilot General Education [Read More]

September 8, 2015 Special Order Presentation: Title IX Compliance

September 14th, 2015

Jerry Knighton, Director, Office Access and Equity & Title IX Coordinator reviewed Clemson’s requirements for Title IX compliance on campus with a focus on education and prevention efforts via three programs: (1) online tutorial, “Think About It” for new and returning undergraduates; (2) peer-led discussion workshop, ASPIRE for new undergraduate and graduate students; and, (3) [Read More]

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