Faculty Senate Committee Reports for November 2013

November 13, 2013

Scholastic Policies – Chair John Leininger

The committee has reviewed the survey on department chairs’ use of student evaluations, and is considering sending out the survey again to receive more feedback. The committee expects to hear reports on issues with ePortfolio and the tuition structure for Summer School at their next meeting on November 19.

Finance – Chair Feng Chen

Feng Chen was absent from the meeting. Ashley Fisk presented the Finance Committee Report. The committee’s review of the Fraternity and Sorority Village has been tabled. The committee discussed faculty salary, but the committee agreed that the topic was better referred to the Policy Committee. The committee also recommended that the Director of Recruitment and Compensation should come to a senate meeting to present an update on salaries at Clemson.

Research – Chair Jim McCubbin

The committee is working to develope updated intellectual property policies and authorship guidelines.

Welfare – Chair Diane Perpich

The committee is working on developing a parental leave policy. The final welfare focus group lunch was held on 11/12, and the committee will bring a report from those meetings to the next meeting of the senate.

Policy – Chair Mary Beth Kurz

The committee had not met since the last senate meeting. The committee will review the recommendations on the task force on faculty rank and address policy issues related to faculty grievances.

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