BUDGET: House and Senate reach compromise on state budget

June 5, 2014

The South Carolina Senate and House of Representatives reached a compromise on the budget on Wednesday, June 4.  Once ratified, the budget will go to Gov. Nikki Haley who will have five days (excluding Sunday) to issue vetoes.

Specifically, the budget includes the following for Clemson and Clemson PSA:

Clemson E&G

  • $1 million in recurring funding for Student Career Opportunity Programs (on-campus internships)
  • $200,000 in recurring funding for Focus on Student Success (increasing four-year graduation rates)
  • $1,118,674 in nonrecurring funding for critical electrical upgrades

Clemson PSA

  • $500,000 in recurring funding for the Agribusiness and Emerging Farmers Extension program
  • $250,000 in recurring funding for Precision Agriculture and Environmental Technology Research
  • $3 million in nonrecurring funding for Agriculture and Natural Resources Research Equipment

This version of the budget provides additional dollars for critical equipment repair and replacement for higher education institutions. Each institution’s specific allocation will be distributed on a pro rata basis and will require matching dollars.  Clemson’s share of this funding is projected to be $1,630,142.

Also included is a 2 percent cost-of-living pay increase for state employees. The budget includes an increase in the cost of health insurance for state employees, which will be paid by the state. Under this plan, state employees would see a small co-pay increase.

The House and Senate are expected to return June 17-19 to consider any gubernatorial vetoes.

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