Clemson’s UPIC program expands; mentor application deadline extended to Oct. 28

October 8, 2013

by Julia C. Turner, Office of Media Relations

Such an amazing program with so many opportunities for faculty, staff and students, was bound to expand sooner than later. Meeting the student engagement goals of Clemson’s 2020 Road Map, the university is expanding its University Professional Internship & Co-Op (UPIC) program with increased funding provided by the state of S.C. This allows the UPIC program, which pairs undergraduate students with experienced faculty and staff mentors, to offer 500 additional paid, on-campus internship opportunities to Clemson undergraduate students beginning this spring. Funding for these paid internships is split between the UPIC program and the department that employs the UPIC interns.

Based on the additional internship slots now available, the UPIC program has extended the mentoring application deadline to Oct. 28 in order to accommodate the demand anticipated by this significant program expansion. Interested Clemson faculty and staff should apply for these internship mentor slots at: These opportunities will be available for students to view and apply to starting in November.

Student interns can anticipate earning a minimum of $1600 per semester that can be used to help with defraying educational costs, living expenses or extra spending cash while benefitting from working on campus in their chosen field of study. Pay for UPIC internships starts at $10 per hour and scales up to $12 per hour for successive part-time positions, softening the financial strains of attending college and making tuition expenditures even more affordable.

Contact Troy Nunamaker with any questions.

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