Hazardous weather: What to do if winter weather strikes

January 21, 2014

It’s a good time to review Clemson’s Hazardous Weather Procedure ( to know what to do if conditions deteriorate.

University officials monitor local weather conditions before making decisions to cancel classes, close offices or delay openings. For updates on the status of Clemson classes and office closings:

  • Check the Clemson University home page ( for messages about closings or delays;
  • Check the CU Safety page ( for detailed information and weather advisories;
  • Check your Clemson University e-mail for CU Safe Alerts or Inside Clemson messages;
  • Check your cell phone if you have signed up to receive CU Safe Alert text messages (See the CU Safety page at for sign-up instructions);
  • Follow the CU Safe Twitter account @cusafety
  • Call the Clemson University switchboard at 656-3311 for recorded updates between 8 p.m. and 8 a.m. Monday-Friday and on weekends (recorded messages provide closure information, not weather forecasts); and
  • Tune in to local TV and radio stations or log on to their Web sites.

Here are some important things to remember:

Only the governor can forgive time lost, so any part of your usual workday missed due to hazardous weather must be satisfied. Even though classes are occasionally canceled, Clemson rarely closes the entire university. Any announcement on TV or radio most likely applies to classes and students. A little further investigation may be in order.

Clemson University is a state agency, so if TV and radio stations announce that the governor has declared all state agencies closed, Clemson will be closed (except for essential personnel). Sometimes the announcement is made for specific counties when weather conditions do not affect the entire state. View links to county government offices here.

The bottom line is that all employees must take responsibility for:

  • Knowing and understanding the procedure;
  • Getting information on weather conditions and pertinent announcements about the university;
  • Determining the safety of their own personal travel arrangements;
  • Working with their supervisors to satisfy any time missed.

Please note:

Clemson University follows the winter weather closure protocol followed by state offices throughout South Carolina: If county offices are closed, then the state offices located in that county will also close.

For example, if state offices in Pickens County close due to inclement weather, Clemson-based facilities will also close in Pickens County. However, university offices, buildings and facilities may remain open in other counties. Remember, only the governor can forgive time lost, so unless that happens, any time missed due to hazardous weather must be satisfied.

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