New text-to-speech software available – FREE

October 1, 2013

text-to-speech software

By Kat Snizaski
Information Consultant II, CCIT

Clemson has procured licensing for Read&Write Gold literacy software. One of the useful tools that Read&Write provides is a text-to-speech solution. Read&Write can translate several languages and read aloud text from several applications such as Word, Pages, Safari and even Adobe Reader. This tool can also create MP3 files. TEXTHELP’s Read&Write products are desktop solutions with customizable toolbars that integrate with common applications giving users access to reading, writing, studying, and research tools.

You can find it in the Software repository (R: drive in Novell, \\\gs05\Software in windows or smb:// on the Mac).

To install as standalone on Windows, go to the \Win\v11\RWGold win standalone setup and run the setup file – allow it to install and upon starting it the first time, you will need to activate it. (Each different user on the same machine will need to activate.)

For the Mac, go to the \Mac folder and follow the directions in the PDF file, which also needs to be activated upon first use. Also note that some features may need access to the Internet.

For questions, contact Barbara Bottum at

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