Tigernet wireless to be discontinued on Nov. 20

November 12, 2013

By Nathan Long, CCIT

Starting Nov. 20, Tigernet will stop actively broadcasting and will no longer be a wireless service option for your laptop, iPad or mobile device.

Switch to Clemson’s new wireless service, eduroam, today for uninterrupted wireless service. Remember to change your mobile device as well as your laptop! Download the eduroam installer for your computer here.

To connect to eduroam

  1. Look for and connect to the ‘eduroam’ wireless SSID on your device.
  2. When asked for username, enter Do not use or just your University username.
  3. Enter your Clemson University password when prompted. This is the same password that’s used for Blackboard and iRoar.

Additional information and specific setup instructions are available at

Need Help?  Contact the CCIT Support Center at, 864-656-3494 or visit us on the 2nd floor of Cooper Library.

View eduroam FAQs.

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