Windsor Sherrill named Clemson/Greenville Health System liaison

August 21, 2013

Windsor Westbrook Sherrill

Clemson and Greenville Health System (GHS) officials announced that Windsor Westbrook Sherrill, professor of public health sciences at Clemson, will assume new responsibilities for the recently announced research collaboration between the two institutions. Sherrill will serve as interim chief science officer at GHS and interim associate vice president for health research at Clemson.

In June, Clemson President Jim Barker and GHS President Mike Riordan signed a landmark agreement designating Clemson as the primary research collaborator for GHS and research administrator for all GHS research. The arrangement allows both institutions to leverage existing administrative structures and expertise at Clemson with the clinical opportunities offered by GHS, one of the largest healthcare systems in the Southeast.

“I look forward to working with faculty and physicians in this new role. This collaboration can increase opportunities for Clemson faculty to engage in health and medical research, open the door to more federal research funding and improve health care in the region,” Sherrill said.

Sherrill joined the Clemson faculty in 1999, bringing a decade of management experience in academic medical centers.  At Clemson, she has led research initiatives that span diverse disciplines, including medical and health management education, health finance and policy, and the evaluation of health services and health education programs for underserved groups. She has led or collaborated on research initiatives garnering more than $1.5 million in external funding and resulting in numerous refereed publications, book chapters, professional reports, and scholarly presentations. She earned her bachelor’s degree from Wake Forest, MBA/MHA from the University of Alabama at Birmingham, and doctorate in health policy from Brandeis University.

Sherrill is taking over the liaison role formerly held by Gerald Sonnenfeld, who is assuming a new position as vice president for research and economic development at the University of Rhode Island.

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