Clemson Agricultural Safety

Safety Information – June 2022

Center Pivot Safety Voltage Tester Tutorial Irrigation Hazard – Lightning Stay away from center pivots during storms. These large metal structures act as receptors for lightning due to their height in large open areas. Irrigation Hazards – Spraying Water on Powerlines If you notice water from an irrigation system spraying on a powerline or transformer, […]

Disaster Clean-Up Safety Quiz Answers

Questions 1. What should you do if you smell gas or suspect a leak? 2. True or false: if a powerline falls on your car while you are driving, you should immediately get out of the car and pull the down line off of it. 3. When is the best time to enter a building […]

Safety Information – May 2022

Disaster Clean-Up Safety General Safety Tips Use teams/other people to move heavy or bulky objects Pace yourself, often times clean-up jobs can be rather large Take precautions when operating a chainsaw Stay safe in hot weather, drink plenty of water Potential Hazards Stay away from damaged buildings or structures until they are deemed safe for […]

Chainsaw Safety Quiz Answers

Questions 1. True or false, it is okay to cut through metal nails or spikes with your chainsaw? 2. What should you do when transporting your chainsaw on rough terrain? 3. True or false, while operating a chainsaw, it is best to wear loose-fitting clothes as you might get hot while working? 4. What is […]

Safety Information – April 2022

Chainsaw Safety Operating a chainsaw can be a hazardous operation. However, using PPE and understanding the working of the chainsaw in your, these hazards can be limited. Before operating your chainsaw, clear away any dirt, debris, small limbs, or rocks. Also, check for nails, spikes, or other metal pieces that might be present in the […]

Electric Fence Safety Quiz Answers

Questions 1. What kind of wire should not be used on electric fences? 2. True or false: it is okay to run electric fences parallel to overhead powerlines? 3. How often should warning signs be placed on electric fences that are accessible to the public? 4. True or false: you should not attach electric fence […]

Safety Information – March 2022

Electric Fence Safety Electric fences are standard in many farming operations. They serve as an added barrier in most livestock operations. While many farmers are often familiar with this equipment, there are still many important safety factors to consider when installing, repairing, and utilizing electric fences. 1. Do not attempt to connect multiple energizers to […]

Fall Prevention and Safety Answers

1. 55 years and older are most commonly affected by falls. 2. True, properly fitting shoes that have nonslip soles can be the difference between falling and standing up. 3. While working on an elevated surface, you should wear a safety harness in the event of a fall. 4. Clutter around the workplace increase the […]

Safety Information – February 2022

Fall Prevention and Safety Falls are a common workplace hazard, however, they are most common among individuals 55 years in age or older. There are many ways to prevent falls that are both economical and easy. Attach extra railings on elevated surfaces. Place nonslip tape on steps and other surfaces that may become slippery. When […]

Safety Information – January 2022

Entanglement Hazards While working around rotating equipment, PTO shafts, and other agricultural equipment, entanglement is always a concern. Entanglement occurs when a person’s clothing, hair, or limbs become caught within the spinning portion of the machine. This can result in serious injury, including amputations and loss of life. A PTO shaft rotates at a speed […]