Clemson Bioengineers Receive Awards at the Annual Scientific Meeting of the Heart Valve Society

March 28, 2016

The meeting, held in New York City on March 17-19, 2016, was attended by more than 500 surgeons, cardiologists, medical researchers and industry representatives from around the world.  Three members of the Department of Bioengineering were given awards for best poster presentation and best abstract oral presentation.

Dr. Dan Simionescu was awarded the John Mayer Experience and Innovation in Tissue Engineered Heart Valves Abstract Award for his oral presentation, “How close are we to fully engineering a living heart valve? A tale of scaffolds, stem cells, bioreactors and sheep,” authored by Marius M. Harpa, Ionela Movileanu, Allison Kennamer, Nicholas Rierson, Ovidiu Cotoi, Horatiu Suciu, Victor Raicea, Terezia Preda, Dan Nistor, Klara Branzaniuc, Radu Deac, Simona Gurzu, Lucian Harceaga, Peter Olah, Carmen Sircuta, Agneta Simionescu, Michael Dandel and Dan Simionescu.

Chris deBorde, a PhD student mentored by Dr. Agneta Simionescu, was awarded the Enabling Technologies to Replace Each Valve Section Poster Award for the paper “Development and Revitalization of a Mitral Valve Scaffold for Tissue-Engineered Regeneration” by Chris deBorde, Leslie Sierad, Christopher Wright, Jun Liao and Agneta Simionescu.

Hobey Tam, a PhD student mentored by Dr. Naren Vyavahare, was awarded the Analytical Studies of Replacement and Native Valves Section Poster Award for the paper “The Role of the Host Cellular Response on Bioprosthetic Heart Valve Calcification,” by Hobey Tam, Nathaniel Parchment, Josh Van Swol, Daniel Infante and Naren Vyavahare.

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