Institute of Biological Engineering Holds 2016 Annual Conference in Greenville, SC, April 7-9

March 28, 2016


 The Institute of Biological Engineering (IBE) is a professional society that supports the community of scientists and engineers who are at the forefront of creating new linkages between biology and engineering and seeking far-reaching opportunities for connecting with people for developing designs and educational perspectives for biology-inspired engineering.

Organized by Dr. Guigen Zhang, Institute President-Elect and CU professor of bioengineering, this year’s IBE conference will be held at the Greenville Marriott, in Greenville, SC, April 7-9. At the conference, researchers, educators, students and professionals will present advances in the broad range of biological engineering topics.  IBE conferences are especially attractive to students, who make poster and podium presentations and participate in a nationally competitive Bioethics Essay contest.

Distinguished speakers are:

Dr. Martine LaBerge, Clemson University Professor and Chair of Bioengineering and Executive Director, CUBEInC: Advances in High-Impact Medical Technology and Devices for Disease Management

Dr. Michael J. Yost, Director of General Surgery Research, Medical University of South Carolina: From Bedside to Bench and Back Again

Dr. Dan Luo, Professor, Cornell University: DNA-based Materials and Their Applications

Dr. James Mihelcic, Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of South Florida: Pressing Topics Related to the Environment.






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