Welcome, New CAAH Faculty!

October 4, 2015

Kristen Aldebol-Hazle

Kristen Aldebol-Hazle

Kristen Aldebol-Hazle, lecturer, Department of English

Subjects taught: First-Year Composition and British Literature

Education: Ph.D. in English from the University of California, Davis; B.A. in English and medieval and renaissance studies from Duke University

Research focus: Her research interests include medievalism in video games, bodies in virtual spaces like dream visions and video games, and the rise of literacy in medieval England as a disruption to social control.

Prior appointment: Lecturer, Department of English, University of California, Davis

Personal note: Aldebol-Hazle is returning to her Upstate roots and rediscovering her love of running hills and attending Clemson games with her family. Kristen is a knitter, a baker and cook, a dog-lover and a happy new wife.


Todd Anderson

Todd Anderson

Todd Anderson, assistant professor, Department of Art

Subject taught: Fine Art Printmaking

Education: M.F.A. University of New Mexico; B.F.A. University of Wisconsin-Madison

Research focus: Collaborative and cross-disciplinary research that documents retreating glaciers via the creation of original works of art using various hand printing techniques.

Prior appointment: Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

Personal note: I have a 5-year-old daughter and 7-year-old son so I enjoy playing with dolls, building forts and reading books rich with pictures.


Anthony Bernaducci

Anthony Bernaducci

Anthony Bernarducci, assistant professor and assistant director of choral activites, Department of Performing Arts

Subjects taught: Men’s Chorus, Music Theory/Aural Skills

Education: Ph.D. in music education/choral conducting from Florida State University;  M.M. in choral conducting from The University of Arizona; B.M. in music education from Westminster Choir College

Research focus: I am an active composer of choral music as well as a creator of modern performance editions of unknown historical literature. I am also focused on creating instructional strategies that incorporate critical listening skills into the ensemble rehearsal.

Prior appointment: Director of choral music at Catalina Foothills High School in Tucson Arizona

Personal note: I reside in Easley with my wife Breanna, son Caius and daughter Daela.


Sara Crocker

Sara Crocker

Sara Crocker, lecturer, Department of Communication Studies

Subject taught: Public Speaking

Education: M.A. in Communication, Technology and Society from Clemson University; B.A. in communication from Anderson University

Research focus: Her graduate research focused on technology apprehension, communication competence issues and achievement emotions experienced by academically disadvantaged students in community colleges.

Personal note: Sara lives in Anderson with her husband, Brent, 3-year-old daughter, Ava Grace, and a very spoiled Yorkie, Oliver Winston. She enjoys teaching in her church, obsessively following national politics and escaping to the Tennessee mountains whenever possible.


Melissa Dugan

Melissa Dugan

Melissa Dugan, lecturer, Department of English

Subject taught: Accelerated Composition and Technical Writing

Education: M.F.A. in Creative Writing from the University of South Carolina; M.A. in Liberal Studies from Villanova University; M.A. in Education from Holy Family University; B.A. in English from Penn State University

Research focus: Melissa writes novels and poetry about language, love and time. Currently, she is working on a novel about a kidnapped girl, a boy named Rat and a magician.


Adrienne Fama

Adrienne Fama

Adrienne Fama, lecturer of Spanish, Department of Languages

Subjects taught: elementary and intermediate Spanish

Education: M.A. in Hispanic linguistics from the University of Florida; B.A. in Spanish from Northwestern University

Research focus: Her research interests are second language acquisition and phonology as they can be applied to the foreign-language classroom.

Personal note: A native of Florida, she enjoys biking, swimming, reading and traveling.


Elizabeth Jemison

Elizabeth Jemison

Elizabeth L. Jemison, assistant professor of religion, Department of Philosophy and Religion

Subjects taught: American religious history, African-American religion, Southern religion [religious studies courses relating to the U.S.]

Education: Ph.D. in the study of religion from Harvard University; A.M. in the study of religion from Harvard University; A.B. in religion from Princeton University

Research focus: Jemison is a scholar of American religious history with an emphasis on issues of race and gender. She has particular expertise in African-American religious history and in the religious history of the South. Currently, she is writing a book based on her dissertation that examines questions of politics, citizenship and religion among African-American and white Protestants in the post-Civil War South. It is tentatively titled “Protestants, Politics, and Power: Race, Gender, and Religion in the Post-Emancipation Mississippi River Valley, 1863-1900.”

Personal note: My husband and I are living in downtown Greenville and are enjoying exploring the Upstate.


Robert Risso

Robert Risso

Roberto Risso, visiting assistant professor of Italian, Department of Languages

Subjects taught: Italian language, culture, literature

Education: Ph.D. in Italian, University of Wisconisin, Madison; Dottorato di Ricerca in Italianistica (Italian Ph.D. in Italian); Laurea Magistrale in letteratura Italiana (M.A. in Italian)

Research focus: His central interest is the Italian narrative prose tradition, with special interest on the history of the Italian novel from the Middle Ages to the 21st century. He published a book on the Italian epistolary novel of the 16th and 17th centuries and is working on a book on the Italian historical novel of the first half of the 19th century with special attention on the depiction on the Middle Ages.

Prior appointment: Colby College (ME), visiting assistant professor in Italian

Personal note: I love animals, especially birds and dogs. I read as much as I can and I love being outdoors. South Carolina is so great for me!


Brian Smith

Brian Adam Smith

Brian Adam Smith, visiting assistant professor, Department of English

Subjects taught: New Media, Art and Technology, Literature and Music

Education: Ph.D. from the Department of Comparative Literature at Emory University; B.A. from the Department of English at Appalachian State University

Research focus: As a self-trained multi-instrumentalist, Smith’s academic interests tend to revolve around studies in image, sound and text. His dissertation was on the history and evolution of the music video and its predecessors.

Personal note: Aside from teaching and research, Smith works in the music industry as a video producer, documentarian and promoter. He has worked with a number of Grammy Award-winning and internationally renowned Americana artists such as Doc Watson, Alison Krauss and Union Station, Steve Martin, Carolina Chocolate Drops, Sam Bush, Jerry Douglas, and Old Crow Medicine Show, among others.


Crystal Stephens

Crystal Stephens

Crystal Stephens, lecturer in the Department of English

Subject taught: English

Education: M.S. in technical communication from Utah State University; M.A. in American studies, folklore, from Utah State University; B.A. in English from Brigham Young University-Idaho

Research focus: Her interests focus on fairy tales and rhetoric, particularly the rhetoric of silence. She enjoys analyzing fairy tales and other folklore through different technical lenses.

Prior appointment: English adjunct and English online adjunct at Utah State University

Personal note: She enjoys reading, trying new foods, and dancing. She also enjoys spending time with her husband and their daughter.


Stephanie Stripling

Stephanie Stripling

Stephanie Stripling, lecturer in the Department of English

Subject taught: British Literature, Literature in 20th- & 21st-Century Contexts

Education: Currently 2nd-year Ed.D. student in educational leadership (curriculum and instruction) at University of North Carolina, Wilmington;
60+ post-M.A. hours toward a Ph.D. in British literature from University of South Carolina, Columbia; M.A., 1st-class honours in comparative literature and cultural studies from University of Limerick; B.A. honours in comparative literature (Spanish and French) from University of Saskatchewan

Research focus: Interests include utopian studies, 18th studies, cultural studies, women and gender studies, higher education peda-/androgogies, and faculty development. She is motivated by the relationships between and amongst humanities areas as intersections of learning.

Prior appointment: University of South Carolina, Columbia, English instructor of record; Halifax Community College, English and humanities instructor

Personal note: Steph enjoys photography, any crime drama on television, Jason Mraz, and changing the world, one person at a time.


Jae DiBello Takeuchi

Jae DiBello Takeuchi

Jae DiBello Takeuchi, assistant professor of Japanese in the Department of Languages

Subjects taught: Japanese language, Japanese culture and related courses

Education: Ph.D. in Japanese linguistics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison; M.A. in Japanese from the University of Wisconsin-Madison

Research focus: In her research, she draws on sociolinguistics and second language acquisition to examine Japanese linguistic issues from the point of view of second language (L2) learners and speakers. She is currently examining the linguistic beliefs and perceptions of L2 speakers and comparing L2 speakers who are short-term and long-term residents of Japan.

Prior appointment: Prior to coming to Clemson, she was completing her Ph.D. and teaching Japanese at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Personal note: Before moving to Wisconsin, she lived in Ehime, Japan for 12 years. She and her husband are having fun getting to know Clemson and South Carolina. In her free time, she enjoys playing the piano and watching Japanese TV shows.

Pauline de Tholozany

Pauline de Tholozany

Pauline de Tholozany, assistant professor of French in the Department of Languages

Subjects taught: French and French Literature

Education: Ph.D. in French studies from Brown University; M.A. in French studies from Brown University

Research focus: Her research focuses on 19th-century France, and most particularly on the ways in which the novel both reflects and constructs new norms of civility. She is currently finishing her book, L’Ecole de la maladresse, which draws a history of clumsiness in 18th- and 19th-century France.

Prior appointments: Bryn Mawr College, Avignon Institute (summer teaching appointment); Mellon Post-doctoral fellow, Wellesley College; visiting assistant professor, Department of French and Francophone Studies, Bryn Mawr College; visiting assistant professor, Department of French, Gettysburg College

Personal note: I have two amazing younger sisters that always keep me up to date about what is new on the French musical scene. I practice yoga every day and am a certified yoga instructor.


Yanlin Wang

Yanlin Wang

Yanlin Wang, lecturer of Chinese in the Department of Languages

Education: Ed.D. in instructional technology from Texas Tech University; M.A. in linguistic and applied linguistics from Beijing Language and Culture University, China; B.A in English from Sichuan International Studies University, China

Research focus: Her research focuses on technology-enhanced foreign language acquisition, computer-mediated communication, and instructional design guided by cognitive theory of multimedia learning, cognitive load theory and dual code theory.

Prior appointment: Instructor of Chinese Language, Texas Tech University

Personal note: I have a son who is 9 years old. He likes Clemson so much because there are lakes where he can go fishing and forests where he can catch insects. We are so glad to move to Clemson. Go Tigers!

Candace Wiley

Candace Wiley

Candace G. Wiley, lecturer in the Department of English

Subjects taught: American Literature and Freshmen Composition

Education: Fulbright Fellowship to Colombia; M.F.A. in Creative Writing from the University of South Carolina; M.A. in English from Clemson University; B.A. in English from Bowie State University

Research focus: As a poet, her current book project explores Afrofuturism and expands the concept of the African diaspora by including African mermaids, Klingons and Black Barbies. She probes black mutantism in the Black Atlantic and beyond. She will be one of the readers at this year’s Writer’s Harvest, which collects canned goods for the needy (Nov. 18, Strom Thurmond Institute at 7 p.m.).

Prior appointment: Winthrop University

Personal note: She is co-founder of a federal nonprofit called The Watering Hole which brings quality, affordable, accessible education opportunities to poets of color in South Carolina. Their goal is to transform the landscape of S.C. poetry by preparing more voices of color for publication and by extent having more of those Southern stories documented and valued.


Debra Williamson

Debra Williamson

Debra Williamson, lecturer of Spanish in the Department of Languages

Subjects taught: Beginning and intermediate Spanish

Education: M.A.University of Southern Mississippi

Personal note: Clemson is a great place to teach and to live. I love outdoor sports such as hiking, kayaking, and paddle boarding.  When I am not teaching I can be found in and around Lake Hartwell.  In addition, I enjoy Spanish language film and travel to Spanish speaking countries.