A Word from Dean Richard Goodstein – March 2019

March 5, 2019

Dear Friends,

I often get asked what the favorite part of my job is, and, depending on the day of the week or time of day, it changes. Although most of my days are spent in meetings, every day is different and brings about new opportunities to learn about the College, our faculty, students, staff and alumni.

Dean Goodstein mingles at Fusion 2019

One of my favorite annual events is Fusion, which spotlights outstanding work by students. Image Credit: Kristin Clardy

One of my favorite annual events is Fusion, which spotlights outstanding work by students from the College’s nine departments. I especially enjoy meeting new faculty and candidates who are visiting campus for the first time. Being able to brag about Clemson and the College of Architecture, Arts and Humanities from my longtime perspective is a joy, and something I never tire of. The opportunity to hear from faculty about their latest research or creative endeavor is another highlight of my day-to-day routine, as are the interactions I have with students who come by my office.

Considering all the aspects of my job, I most enjoy events where I have a chance to connect faculty with students and alumni. One such event occurred last week during our annual Fusion event. As I mentioned in my remarks that evening, Fusion reminds me of “show and tell” we all remember from our childhood – but on steroids. Student work, from each of the College’s nine departments, was on display and I was extraordinarily proud of the mentorship of our faculty and the quality and variety of the student projects that were presented. I would be remiss if I didn’t thank our Student Services group, led by Cari Brooks, and our CAAH Student Ambassadors for their work behind the scenes to make Fusion an annual success.

Intercontinental partnership

Global engagement is one of the highest priorities of the College of Architecture, Arts and Humanities and I am proud of our status as a campus leader in study abroad participation.

Pictured are officials involves with the founding of the World Design Studio.

Dean Richard E. Goodstein is pictured with Gao Chi (front left) of Huazhong Agricultural University and Ayman Ashour (front right) of Ain Shams University. In the back row are Clemson landscape architecture professors Hala Nassar and Robert Hewitt. Image Credit: Clemson University Relations

To expand our global education efforts across three continents, two professors in landscape architecture helped form a global partnership with universities in Egypt and China.

To formalize the relationship, a signing ceremony was held on campus to launch the World Design Studio. Faculty and other representatives from Ain Shams University in Cairo, Egypt, and Huazhong Agricultural University in Wuhan, China, formally confirmed the World Design Studio partnership at a luncheon ceremony.

The visiting students, Clemson Landscape Architecture students and other guests also had the opportunity to visit key sites in Charleston, conduct research, meet with local civic leaders and take part in a series of discussions concerning rising sea levels and localized flooding in and around Charleston. I am grateful to Hala Nassar and Robert Hewitt for their dedicated work putting this new partnership together.

Ray Huff

Ray Huff, FAIA, is director of the Clemson Architecture Center in Charleston. Image Credit: Everett Zuraw

A milestone in Charleston

Last week, the Clemson Architecture Center in Charleston celebrated its 30th anniversary. Numerous faculty, staff, and former CAC.C faculty joined Charleston governmental officials, members of the Charleston business community, patrons and service learning “clients” to help commemorate the event.

The celebration included a look back at the many successes of Clemson’s presence in Charleston and a look ahead to the future of off-campus architecture education and the importance of student opportunities through the Fluid Campus.

To everyone’s surprise on Friday night, I presented CAC.C Director Ray Huff with a framed copy of the new Fluid Campus trademark we received from the United States Patent Office.

In closing, I am saddened to report on the passing of Dr. Larry Lee Bauer. Larry was a friend, patron of the Brooks Center, and lover of the arts. He and his wife, Betty, established the Bauer Family Scholarship to support a performing arts student and I am grateful to the Bauers for their belief in our students and their loyal and longtime support of the arts at Clemson.

Best wishes to all for a warm and wonderful March.

Sincerely, and Go Tigers!