2019 Mandel Fellows

November 16, 2018

Upon evaluation of the applications received, the Department is pleased to announce the second cohort of Mandel Fellows in the Department of Chemistry:

  • Monica Gordillo, Professor Saha
  • Amina Khatun, Professor Saha
  • Moira Lauer, Professor Smith
  • Matthew Powell, Professor Kolis
  • Anthony Santilli, Professor Whitehead
  • Maria Swasy, Professor Whitehead
  • Unaiza Uzair, Professor Anker
  • Lei Wang, Professor Marcus
  • Tyler Williams, Professor Marcus
  • Hui Xu, Professor Casabianca
  • Qiuying Zhang, Professor Hwu

Thanks to the generous gift established in honor of Dr. Frederick Mandel (Ph.D., 1978), each of these students will receive an additional $4,000 this year. Without question, these awards represent a tipping point in our commitment to support our hard-working students. Please join me in congratulating the awardees,  and in encouraging them to continue pushing our Department forward.

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