Annual Symposium – Award winners!

March 15, 2021

The 2021 Chemistry Research Symposium, highlighted research performed at Clemson by our students and at other institutions by our honored guests. All of these students have worked very hard to highlight the variety and importance of research being done in chemistry. As Dr. Pennington mentioned, science isn’t hard work for the curious, but it does provide education and training for a wide variety of careers and vocations, and chemistry, as the central science, provides a jumping-off point to a world full of opportunities. Celebrating their curiosity and success, this year’s winners for best posters presented at the 5th Annual Chemistry Symposium are:

First Place – Graduate Poster: Paola Benavides
Heteroleptic coordination-driven self-assembly of planar tricomponent supramolecular coordination complexes
Paola A. Benavides, Mónica A. Gordillo, Ashok Yadav, Sourav Saha








Second Place – Graduate Poster: Tatiana E.M. Wrege
Optical studies of hybrid silver/silver sulfide nanoparticles
Tatiana E.M. Wrege and George Chumanov








Third Place – Graduate Poster: Supun Mohottalalage
Effects of Solvent Polarity on Segmental Dynamics in Slightly Sulfonated Polystyrene Ionomers: Quasi Elastic Neutron Scattering Study
Supun S. Mohottalalage, Sidath Wijesinghe, Manjula Senanayake, Chathurika Kosgallana, Naresh Osti and Dvora Perahia







First Place – Undergraduate Poster : Inara Devji
Cloning of Candidate Stress Response Genes from Paspalum vaginatum
Inara Devji, Charles Henry, Joshua Stapleton, Sarah Powers, Dr. Zhigang Li, Hong Luo












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