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College of Business Creative Inquiry funded by Siemens seeks generational knowledge transfer solutions

July 17, 2017

Beginning in February 2017, Siemens supported a three-year Creative Inquiry in the College of Business that seeks to determine the best way to mitigate the brain drain that occurs when a generation of experience leaves the workforce. Companies like Siemens are devoting time and resources to determine how they can maintain an informed and knowledgeable employee base during this generational transition.

Siemens is tapping Clemson marketing students to develop best practices for transferring knowledge from those leaving the workforce to those entering it. The Creative Inquiry is led by associate professor Jennifer Siemens and assistant professor Anastasia Thyroff.

“Siemens is getting the perspective of young people about to enter the workforce to look into an issue that companies everywhere are dealing with. Engaging the next-generation workforce to find answers on how to transfer knowledge within an organization makes sense,” Jennifer Siemens said.

Students in Siemens’ and Thyroff’s marketing Creative Inquiry class gathered information on the generational issue and conducted interviews and focus groups during the spring semester. Students on the project, managed through the Watt Family Innovation Center, will present their recommendations to Siemens officials in Atlanta this fall on how institutional knowledge can be transferred to less experienced employees.

For more information on this partnership, visit: http://newsstand.clemson.edu/siemens-looks-to-marketing-millennials-for-brain-drain-answers