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Katerra joins Clemson’s Wood Utilization + Design Institute as Founding Partner

June 21, 2018

Clemson University’s Wood Utilization + Design Institute (WU+D) has added California-based company Katerra to its member program. Katerra joined the institute as a Founding Member, giving $50,000 toward the institute’s mission of researching, educating and providing resources for industry stakeholders in a variety of disciplines to advance wood-based products.

“Clemson is delighted to have Katerra as one of its founding partners,” said Pat Layton, WU+D director. “The innovation they are bringing to the construction industry to set forward a path to increase efficiencies within the building construction systems may provide a transformational change in how we build homes and communicate in the future.”

“We are pleased to be a part of the Wood Utilization + Design Institute, which is bringing together diverse stakeholders to advance the wood products industry in South Carolina and throughout the Southeast,” said Hans-Erik Blomgren, PE SE, director of testing and characterization at Katerra. “Mass timber represents the future of sustainable construction. Through effective collaboration we can drive positive economic and environmental outcomes for end consumers, companies and students alike.”

Katerra is an end-to-end construction and technology services company that applies systems approaches to remove unnecessary time and costs from building design and construction. Katerra’s offerings span architecture and engineering services to interior design, materials supply and construction management for a growing number of building markets: multifamily housing, mass timber high rises, master plan developments, industrial, education, hospitality, student housing and retail buildouts.

Thank you, Katerra, for supporting the next generation of talent for the wood products industry!