Interested in the Churchill, Goldwater, Truman, Udall, or Astronaut Scholarships?

If you are interested in any of the following fellowships, please contact Ricki Shine at (For Goldwater, please come to an information session)

1)  Churchill Scholarship – current seniors or students who graduated from Clemson in May 2017

The Churchill Scholarship provides funding to American students for a year of Master’s study in science, mathematics, and engineering at the University of Cambridge, based at Churchill College.

Important dates:

October 11 – deadline to apply to the University of Cambridge.  Applicants must indicate Churchill College on their Cambridge application.

October 18 – deadline to apply for nomination by Clemson University.  Clemson may nominate 2 students per year for the Churchill.  Please deliver a hard-copy of the Churchill application to Ricki Shine in 180 Core Campus AND please have your letters of recommendation sent to by this date.

Week of October 23rd – Clemson Nomination Committee meets to select 2 nominees

November 7 – Final application due to Churchill Foundation


2)  Goldwater Scholarship – current sophomores or juniors

The Goldwater Scholarship provides up to $7500 a year for undergraduate study for STEM majors who plan research careers.

Important Dates:

October 9 at 5pm and October 11 at 4pm – Information Sessions in Seminar Room 1 of the Honor Center

November 15 – deadline to send names of 3 writers of letters of recommendation, their email addresses, and as short statement of how they know you to Ricki Shine at

November 27 – deadline to apply for nomination by Clemson University.  Clemson may nominate 4 students per year.  Please deliver (or email) the 2-page Research Essay to Ricki Shine in 180 Core Campus.  Ricki will download the on-line portion of the application.

Week of December 11:  Clemson Nominating Committee meets to select 4 nominees

*Please note:  Clemson’s Astronaut Scholarship nominees will also be selected from the pool of Goldwater applicants.


3)  Truman Scholarship – current juniors

The Truman Scholarship is for students who are interested in public policy and plan to work in the public sector.  It provides $30,000 for graduate education and internship opportunities.  Clemson may nominate up to 4 students each year.

Important Dates:

November 15:  Information about letter writers due to Ricki Shine at

January 8:  Applications for nomination will be down-loaded at noon.

Week of January 15:  Nominating interviews


4)  Udall Scholarship – current sophomores or juniors

The Udall Scholarship provides $7000 for undergraduate education to students in all fields  who study the environment and related fields, and to Native American and Alaska Natives in fields related to health care and tribal public policy. Clemson may nominate 6 students each year.

Important Dates:  TBA  (please email Ricki Shine at for more details)

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