“The point of modern propaganda isn’t only to misinform or push an agenda. It is to exhaust your critical thinking, to annihilate truth.” – Garry Kasparov


Tools to examine Twitter

Hoaxy is a tool to visualize the spread of content online. From the FAQ: “There are two search modes. Hoaxy search finds claims and related fact checking in a limited corpus of articles from low-credibility and fact-checking sources, dating back to 2016. This mode leverages the Hoaxy API to retrieve relevant articles, accounts, and tweets. Twitter search lets users track articles from any sources posted on Twitter, but only within the last 7 days.”

Hoaxy is a joint project of the Indiana University Network Science Institute (IUNI) and the Center for Complex Networks and Systems Research (CNetS).

IUNI and CNetS also developed botometer, which “checks the activity of a Twitter account and gives it a score based on how likely the account is to be a bot. Higher scores are more bot-like.”

Explore Disinformation Content

Between 2009 and 2018 the Russian Internet Research agency posted over nine million tweets (along with content on various other social media platforms). These Twitter posts can be explored on the following websites. The two websites complement each other well as one may search terms and concepts using the first resource and examine the media content through the second.

The independent team of @UsHadrons @toolmarks and @josh_emerson keep a public repository of disinformation they have identified.