Resources for working media

March 31, 2017

Clemson University is uniquely positioned as a nationally ranked public research university in the path of totality to provide educational resources about the full solar eclipse coming Monday, Aug. 21, 2017. The University will welcome local and national media outlets on our campus leading up to and on the day of the eclipse. Interviews with Clemson scientists and experts studying the eclipse, as well as eclipse-related workshops and educational forums being hosted by the College of Science, are also open to the working press.

Follow our blog for updates about upcoming events and media opportunities.



Broadcast logistics and video footage

The University’s broadcast production group offers a Level 3 Vyvx broadcast fiber connection to support live video feeds. News outlets that require a fiber connection for digital video transmission or are inquiring about obtaining stock footage from Clemson University can contact Eric Rodgers, director of Clemson Broadcast Productions, at (864) 650-0998 or at

Interview requests

For interview requests with Clemson scientists and experts and also for general eclipse and College of Science related information, contact public information director Jim Melvin at (864) 784-1707 or at You can also contact contact Clinton Colmenares in the Office of Media Relations at (919) 548-6493 or at And Wanda Johnson in the Office of Media Relations at 864-382-0449 or

Photographs and graphics

For high-rez photographs and print or web versions of our Eclipse Over Clemson logo (see upper right) and other graphics, please contact Jim Melvin. (Contact information is above.)

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