Alumni Spotlight – Sean Scuras

January 1, 2015

Sean Scuras began working as a water and wastewater engineer in 1983 after completing his Bachelor’s degree in Thermal and Environmental Engineering at Southern Illinois University. He scuras_editworked as a consultant in Illinois for a short time but then moved to Colorado and began working at the 150 mgd Metro Denver wastewater treatment facility where as an operations specialist he gained experience in process control, obtained his operator’s license, earned his PE registration, and began work on his MS in Civil Engineering (Water Quality) at the University of Colorado at Denver. With that background, Sean returned to consulting in Denver while completing his MS and gained important experience focused almost entirely on water and wastewater treatment process design and optimization and developed the RTW Model for Process Chemistry that has now been published and distributed by AWWA for over 15 years.

Seeking to specialize in biological wastewater treatment process engineering, Sean put consulting on hold and came to Clemson where he worked on the kinetics of biological processes with Dr. Les Grady and earned his PhD in 2004. Since graduation Sean has maintained his connection to the Department as an Adjunct Assistant Professor and has worked as a software developer and process engineering consultant in Greenville, SC. Sean’s recent work is primarily focused on limit of technology nutrient removal issues at municipal wastewater treatment facilities across the Southeastern US. With experience in design, operations, and research, Sean specializes in process modeling, analysis of alternative processes, preliminary and final process design engineering and process optimization. Sean’s wife, Catherine, is a Professor of English at Clemson and they pursue adventurous travels in the US and abroad.