EEES Office Manager Honored at College Staff Awards

December 11, 2017

David Freedman, Department Chair, with award winner Ellen Sharpe

Congratulations to Ellen Sharpe, Office Manager for EEES, who received one of two top staff awards from the College of Engineering, Computing, and Applied Sciences (CECAS).  The award was presented at the annual CECAS staff luncheon on December 1, 2017 in The Madren Center Ballroom.  Ellen came to EEES in 2014 via the Chemistry Department.  She joined EEES during a time of significant staff turnover and has been instrumental in making sure the administrative aspects of the department run smoothly.  The full remarks made during presentation of the award may be found below:

Our next honoree replaced a legendary office manager, and she is continuing a tradition of service where faculty, staff and students continually receive the most expeditious and efficient administrative support.

Some of her many duties include serving as executive assistant to the department chair, managing schedules and meetings; acting as a confidential liaison between the department chair, professional and administrative staff, alumni and gift donors; coordinating and managing personnel, procurement and fiscal operations; preserving sensitive and confidential documents regarding staff and faculty evaluations, promotion and tenure; maintaining the department website; as office manager, she directs administrative staff and all student workers; and plans and coordinates special events.

When the department’s undergraduate student coordinator was injured last year and out for 6 months, she learned the job responsibilities of the coordinator and kept the student services effort going.

When a serious health issue caused another staff member to be absent, this honoree traveled back and forth between the Rich Lab and Brackett Hall providing support until a new staff person came on board.

In addition to all of this, she is also enrolled in Clemson’s masters program in Human Resource Development.

This awardee keeps Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences running like a finely oiled machine and continually makes the department’s community feel like a family — a very fortunate family.  Our second administrative awardee is Ellen Sharpe.

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