Montgomery Receives New Awards

April 17, 2018

Dawn Montgomery, a PhD student in Environmental Engineering and Science, recently received two prestigious awards.

  • The International Union of Radioecology (IUR) Young Investigators Award (€1500, Sept 2017), awarded by the IUR at the 4th International Conference on Radioecology & Environmental Radioactivity (ICRER), Berlin, Germany for her paper, “Uptake and dosimetric modeling of Tc-99, Cs-137, Np-237 and U-238 in the grass species Andropogon Virginicus.” This award was given to five students who submitted high quality manuscripts in an effort to encourage young scientists to participate in the international conference. The expanded uptake portion of this work was recently accepted for publication in the Health Physics Journal, and the dosimetry portion was invited for submission to a special issue of the Journal of Environmental Radioactivity.
  • The Dade W. Moeller Scholarship ($3500, 2017-2018), awarded by the Health Physics Society to two students annually who are studying health physics or related nuclear or environmental sciences in the US.

Dawn was also awarded a top prize in nuclear technology and R&D, as we previously reported here.

Any one of these awards would be worthy of considerable recognition.  To receive three national/international awards in such a short time frame is a tremendous achievement.  Congratulations to Dawn and her advisor (Dr. Nicole Martinez) and co-advisor (Dr. Brian Powell).