Dr. Ladner discusses benefits of the Industrial Assessment Center with SC Public Radio

February 6, 2019

IAC Director Dr. Carbajales-Dale (right), along with other members of the IAC team at an energy assessment.

South Carolina Public Radio recently featured Dr. David Ladner, Associate Professor, discussing the role of Clemson’s Industrial Assessment Center (IAC) in assessing energy costs for South Carolina factories. This is a US Department of Energy (DOE) sponsored program run by six faculty members from Environmental Engineering & Earth Sciences (EEES), Industrial Engineering, and Electrical Engineering, as well as a full-time staff member and a team of graduate and undergraduate students.  Dr. Michael Carbajales-Dale, Assistant Professor in EEES, serves as the IAC Director. The IAC is funded by a $1.5 M grant from the US DOE. There are 28 University-based centers like this across the country. Most of the assessments occur at locations within South Carolina and provide suggestions for how companies can save both energy and money by making changes to things such as lighting, HVAC, boilers, and chillers. Involving Clemson students in these assessments allows them to gain real-world industrial experience and become energy-savvy engineers.

Listen to the full recording with South Carolina Public Radio.