Shuller-Nickles Takes a Deep Dive on the USS Hampton (SSN 767)

Dr. Lindsay Shuller-Nickles recently had a truly unique experience as a guest on the USS Hampton (SSN 767).  She was invited to tour the submarine and USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN-71) aircraft carrier as part of an Educators’ Tour with the Navy to learn more about their Nuclear Propulsion Officer Candidate (NUPOC) program.  The submarine, as well as many other US Navy vessels, are powered by nuclear energy.  Dr. Shuller-Nickles boarded the submarine in San Diego, where they embarked for a day-long undersea tour.  This included a dive to a depth of over 600 ft, as well as a tour of the control room, a peek through the periscope, and an expansive view from the bridge.  Dave Sargent from the Center for Career and Professional Development accompanied Dr. Shuller-Nickles on the trip.

Dr. Shuller-Nickles is an Assistant Professor in EEES.  Her research and teaching interests are in the fields of environmental mineralogy, actinide chemistry, geochemistry, and computational materials science. She integrates computational and experimental techniques to evaluate the stability of nuclear materials and waste streams throughout the nuclear fuel cycle and in the environment. Recent efforts also include characterization of solid samples for nuclear forensics applications.  Along with Dr. Timothy DeVol, Dr. Shuller-Nickles developed the Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences (NERS) minor at Clemson University.