Martinez Wins Science as Art Competition

Dr. Martinez’s Science as Art submission.

Dr. Nicole Martinez received the first place award in Clemson University’s 2020 competition known as “Science as Art.”  Martinez submitted a four panel collage that was created by using a uranium glass sherbet dish.  Science as Art was started in 2006 “. . . to share the powerful and inspiring visual images produced in laboratories, workspaces, and learning environments. The resulting exhibits have drawn the attention of scientists, artists, members of the community and professional organizations.”  Dr. Martinez created this four panel collage by taking vertical photographs of a uranium glass sherbet dish while shining down different types of light. The images progress from visible (top left), visible+UV (top right), and UV light (bottom left). In the two UV panels, a bright green glow emanates from the dish because uranium fluoresces under UV light.  The final panel shows UV-sensitive paper (“sun paper”), without the dish, exposed for about 1 minute to UV light; dark blue is the most exposed.  Sun paper works by a chemical reaction that changes Berlin Green to Prussian Blue.  Excess Berlin Green is then washed off to “fix” the image.

Dr. Martinez is an Assistant Professor in EEES who specializes in health physics and radioecology.  During the spring 2020 semester, she taught a new class on Nuclear Art and Culture.  Her submittal to Science as Art fits in perfectly with that theme.  Congratulations to Dr. Martinez!

The sherbet dish under normal light.