Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences

Gleasman Wins Grant from the Geological Society of America

Gavin Gleasman, a doctoral student working with Dr. Kelly Lazar, was awarded a research grant from the Southeastern section of the Geological Society of America (GSA).  According to Blair R. Tormey, Secretary/ Treasurer – Southeast Section, GSA, the selection committee received “. . . numerous meritorious proposals and limited funds made for a very competitive […]

Bahamon Pinzon Developing Low-cost, High-tech Sensors to Detect Pesticides

Environmental contamination by pesticides is a worldwide problem.  This is especially the case in developing countries where resources are often lacking for monitoring the levels of contamination using high-tech lab instrumentation.  That’s where EEES Ph.D. candidate David Bahamon‑Pinzon comes in.  Bahamon‑Pinzon’s research is focused on developing low cost facile electrochemical sensors for amperometric determination of […]