Senior Max Mueller

January 16, 2017

Senior Max MuellerName: Max Mueller
Expected Graduation Year: May 2017
Major(s): Finance
Emphasis: Corporate Finance
Minor(s): Accounting
Hometown: Dallas, Texas

Why did you choose Finance as a major?
While many factors have influenced my decision to pursue a degree in Finance, my grandfather’s mentoring has been the most impactful. He sparked an interest by showing me how applicable and helpful financial knowledge is in everyday life. He also explained the versatility of the industry and taught me that with a finance degree, you can do most anything business related.

What career field/job would you like to pursue after graduating? I have accepted a job working for Bank of America in Charlotte, NC, as a financial analyst.

What has been your favorite/most memorable moment at Clemson? My most memorable moment at Clemson would definitely be my first football game. We were the underdog against Georgia and ended up winning by a field goal. Witnessing the most exciting 30 seconds in college football for the first time was a moment I will never forget.

Any recent accomplishments? I am currently a candidate in the CFA program. While studying for the exam has put a strain on my schedule this semester, I am thankful for the opportunity to further my education.

Do you have a great internship experience you’d like to share? Last summer I interned on a data and analytics team within Bank of America. During the internship I learned how powerful and critical data sources are to any company. I learned how to query data and even built out dashboards to visualize large sets of data.

What do you think prepared you the most?  Clemson’s curriculum has helped me develop an intellectual curiosity. Transitioning to the work force was much easier because I took a genuine interest in my work. Clemson also gave me a strong foothold in teamwork which I utilized every day during my summer internship. Being sociable and connectable is a necessity in the work place.

Any words of advice to other students? Take advantage of the resources and opportunities Clemson provides. Grades are important but one should not measure success by the grades they receive. Focus on meeting new people, experiencing new things, and above all; having fun.

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