Senior Parker Teal

September 25, 2017

Name: Parker TealParker Teal                
Expected Graduation Year: December 2017
Major: Financial Management
Emphasis: Real Estate
Minor: Accounting
Hometown: Concord, North Carolina

Why did you choose Finance as a major?

I chose Finance as a major because I have a mentor/family member who graduated with a Finance degree from Clemson and he urged me to take a look at the program.  When I got to Clemson as a freshman, my Business 101 course allowed me to see the different options that Clemson offered.  I had always had an interest in Real Estate, and the Finance program allowed me to receive an emphasis in Real Estate.

What career field/job would you like to pursue after graduating?

I am currently pursuing a job in the finance field, possibly a financial analyst position or something in commercial real estate.

What has been your favorite/most memorable moment at Clemson?

My most memorable moment at Clemson was being in Tampa for the National Championship game and watching the Tigers take down Alabama at the last second.

Do you have a great internship experience you’d like to share?

This past summer I worked in the Clemson/Anderson area with the opportunity to work for two different companies.  Most recently I got to do work with a property management company in Clemson.  I was able to help manage the day-to-day tasks of move-in week for 17 residential properties in the area.

What do you think prepared you the most?

I believe that Clemson has prepared me most through offering classes that have allowed me to help solve real-world problems outside of just the normal classroom setting.  I have been able to research cost methods for building homes in our architecture library, visit and work with Clemson’s trading room, as well as visit and appraise a local home that was listed for sale.  The professors at Clemson work hard for their students to be prepared to enter life after college and I consider the Finance program quite successful in that area.

Any words of advice to other students?

I would advise other students to spend their time wisely at Clemson.  Be a part of clubs that offer neat experiences and useful resources for after college such as the Finance club and Wall Street South.  Utilize the career center for helping to form a good resume.  Go to the career fairs that Clemson offers.  Finally, have fun and enjoy college.  College is a great time to make lifelong friends and experience neat things like National Championships. Do not wait too long to take advantage of what Clemson has to offer.

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