Clemson Extension Forestry and Wildlife

Beyond the Buck: The Newest Chapter in Wildlife Planting

Wildlife planting is one of the most commonly applied management activities throughout the Southern United States. The primary focus of these plantings has been to provide game species with additional or supplemental high-quality forage. Food plots have continued to grow in popularity and practice among modern game managers. Food plots have typically focused on cool-season […]

Winter Activities for the Bobwhite Manager

The cold gloomy days of winter have arrived once again. Winter can be tough for any species of wildlife, but this is especially true for bobwhites. This is the time of year when one can really evaluate the success of their management program. Did we make enough cover to protect the birds from the elements? […]

Armadillo Identification and Control

image of nine banded armadillo

Armadillos have become the talk of the town throughout South Carolina. They are often found digging in gardens, flower beds, or yards searching for food or taking a very long “nap” upside down near the road. There are currently 20 species of armadillo in existence, but the Nine-banded Armadillo (Dasypus novemcinctus) is the only species […]