2014 Industrial Engineering Awards

May 1, 2014

2014 IE Awards Ceremony

2014 IE Awards Ceremony

On April 24, 2014 the Clemson University Department of Industrial Engineering hosted their annual awards ceremony at the Madren Center to honor outstanding performance and achievements of the students and faculty in the department. Award sponsors on hand for the ceremonies included Janine Bowen, Jim Chisman, Delbert Kimbler, and Karen Lindenmeyer. The Outstanding Teaching Assistant of the Year and the Professor of the Year were voted on by the I.E. student body, while the other awards were chosen from nominees by the awards committee.  The awards were as follows:

Outstanding Teaching Assistant of the Year (Voted by the I.E. Student Body) – Sreenath Chalil Madathil

Professor of the Year (Voted by the I.E. Student Body) – Dr. Joel S. Greenstein

Other Awards:

Janine Bowen ‘89 Undergraduate Scholar – Shannon E. Kay
Janine Bowen ‘89 Graduate Fellow  Melissa Paul-Dorlette
Janine Anthony Bowen ’89 Awards – Established by Janine Anthony Bowen, along with family and friends, this endowment supports awards for undergraduate (scholars) and graduate (fellows) students. The purpose of this endowment is to enhance campus diversity by supporting women and minorities.

Jim Chisman Outstanding Senior  – Lauren P. DeZervos
This award is sponsored by an endowment from Jim Chisman. The recipient Institute of Industrial Engineers Officers 2014-2015 of this award is selected by a faculty committee for their “all-around” excellence.

Karen & Carl R. Lindenmeyer Award – Amanda J. Hobbs
This award is sponsored by an endowment from Karen and Carl R. Lindenmeyer. This award recognizes a senior industrial engineering student for leadership in professional and honor societies, and for their strong character and integrity. The award recipient is selected by a faculty committee.

Outstanding Junior  – Shannon N. Weill
The recipient of this award is selected by a faculty committee for their “all-around” excellence.

Academic Achievement
SophomoreLaura M. Jameson
Junior – Clara D. Waddell
SeniorJacey R. Gombert
These awards recognize superior academic performance based upon grade point average. The Sophomore and Junior awards recognize individuals with the highest grade point average in their class. The Senior award recognizes the outstanding individual with a grade point average greater than 3.5 and other outstanding achievements.

IIE Award of Excellence – Laurie A. Moravec
The recipient of this award is selected by a faculty committee for their outstanding leadership to the University Chapter of Institute of Industrial Engineers

Outstanding Undergraduate ResearcherJacey R. Gombert
Outstanding Graduate Researcher AwardKevin A. Juang
Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant AwardMariah S. Magagnotti
Most Valuable Team Member – IE 4670Katelyn Murphy
Outstanding Project Manager – IE 4670Lauren Pack

College of Engineering and Science Awards

Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant of the YearMariah S. Magagnotti
McAlister Foundation Scholarship Award for EngineeringAmanda J. Hobbs
Blue Key AwardAmanda J. Hobbs

Sponsors of the awards ceremony included:

Institute of Industrial Engineers – IIE is the world’s largest professional society dedicated solely to the support of the industrial engineering profession and individuals involved with improving quality and productivity. Founded in 1948, IIE is an international, non-profit association that provides leadership for the application, education, training, research, and development of industrial engineering. IIE provides leadership in developing industrial engineering; in representing the industrial engineering profession; and in enhancing the capabilities of those who are involved in or manage the application, education, training, research or development of industrial engineering.

Institute of Industrial Engineers Officers 2013-2014
President – Laurie Moravec
Vice President – Jacob Richardson
Secretary – Priyanka Shankar
Treasurer – Jaime Sanchez
Social Chair – Tom Power
Marketing Chairs – Brianna Rasnick, Thaddeus Morgan
Graduate Liaison – Kyle Lassister

Institute of Industrial Engineers Officers 2014-2015
President – Laurie Moravec
Vice President – Brianna Rasnick
Secretary – Lauren Pearson
Treasurer – Alan Babilinski
Social Chair – Matt Grajewski
Marketing Chair – Melinda Boggs
Graduate Liaison – David Parker

Alpha Pi Mu – Alpha Pi Mu was founded in 1949 by James T. French, a senior in industrial engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology. The original nine members worked together to create an organization through which outstanding young engineers could exchange ideas and experiences to help their future professional development. Alpha Pi Mu is the only nationally recognized industrial engineering honors society. The Clemson Chapter was founded April 21, 1989.

Alpha Pi Mu Officers 2013-2014
President – Sreenath Madathil
Vice President – Samantha Paris
Secretary – Ali Hobbs
Treasurer – France Jackson

Alpha Pi Mu Officers 2014-2015
President – Dotan Shvorin
Vice President – Laura Jameson
Secretary – Melissa Jackson
Treasurer – Shannon Weill

The department would like to thank all of the attendees, volunteers, nominees, donors, faculty, and staff that helped support this event. View Photos