Clemson’s J.C. Smith awarded 2014 Glover-Klingman Prize

June 8, 2015


Dr. J. Cole Smith

Clemson IE is proud to announce that Dr. J. Cole Smith, professor and chair of the Department of Industrial Engineering, has been awarded the 2014 Glover-Klingman Prize.  The prize recognizes the best paper appearing in the prestigious journal Networks during 2014.  Smith shares this honor with his former Ph.D. student, Dr. Kelly Sullivan, now an assistant professor of Industrial Engineering at the University of Arkansas.

Their paper, “Exact algorithms for solving a Euclidean maximum flow network interdiction problem,” focuses on the problem of determining network vulnerability to adversarial disruptions.  Combinations of disruptions are notoriously effective in interdicting flows.  The award-winning research not only contributes a new model in which a single attack simultaneously disrupts multiple infrastructure components, but it also invents new algorithmic methods for solving these very difficult problems.

The best paper award is Smith’s second in the field of network interdiction, with his first being in the flagship journal IIE Transactions in 2007 with Dr. Churzlu Lim (a former postdoctoral researcher working with Smith, now an associate professor at UNC Charlotte).

The Glover-Klingman Prize was established to honor Fred Glover and Darwin Klingman, who published more than 100 articles on the innovative implementation of network optimization algorithms. The Glover-Klingman Prize pays tribute to the high quality of their work at the interface of operations research and computer science. The prize, however, is for outstanding work in the general area of network modeling, analysis, and implementation, and is not limited to papers at the OR/CS interface. The winners of this annual award are selected by the Editors-in-Chief, with assistance from members of the Editorial Board of Networks. The co-authors of the winning paper each receive a certificate and a cash award.