Houston, here comes Clemson IE!

October 20, 2017


The Clemson University Student Chapter of INFORMS cordially invites you to attend our students’ presentations at the 2017 INFORMS Annual Meeting in Houston the week of October 22-25.

Featured Presentations

Sunday, October 22nd

Zahra Azadi
Stochastic Optimization Models for Joint Pricing and Inventory Replenishment of Perishable Products

Rob Curry
An Augmenting Flow Algorithm for a Class of Node-capacitated Maximum Flow Problems

Amir Ali Nasrollahzadeh
Design and Evaluation of Differentiated Care Interventions

Ceyda Yaba
Infectious Disease Modeling in a Meta-population

Monday, Oct. 23nd

Hadi Karimi
A Biobjective Optimization Model for Analyzing the Environmental and Economic Impactsof Biopower Supply Chain

Tuesday, Oct. 24th

Abdelwahab Alwahishie
Considering Disaster Volunteer Behavior in Management Decisions During Relief Events: A Simulation Approach

Farhad Hasankhani
Fair Allocation of Donor Hearts for Transplantation

Jon Lonski
Using Machine Learning to Improve Football Play Calling Effectiveness

Josh Margolis
A Mixed Integer Approach for the Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy Treatment Planning Problem

Kathryn Pegues
Filling Current Healthcare Gaps:  Thoughtful Application of Robust Parameter Design with Conditions-based Selection of Regression Estimators

Site Wang
An Energy Infrastructure Adaptation Framework for Changing Climatic Conditions

Wednesday, Oct. 25th

Sreenath Chalil Madathil
Resilient Design and Operation of Offgrid Microgrids with Generation Uncertainty

Timothy Holzmann
The Shortest Path Interdiction Problem with Hidden Arcs: Network Interdiction with Asymmetric Info