Sudeep Hegde and Jackie Cha named Faculty Fellows

October 4, 2022

Jackie Cha (left) and Sudeep Hegde (right)

Clemson University engages senior-level faculty members in transforming health care through CUSHR Faculty Fellowships. The Fellows serve as leaders in collaborative health research between Clemson and Prisma Health–Upstate. Each Faculty Fellow is strategically embedded in a Prisma Health–Upstate department, shifting their focus from their regular teaching duties to developing a comprehensive research agenda with their embedded Prisma Health department.

As part of their fellowship, Faculty Fellows produce research to improve the health of the community with their clinical partners. Their research will also contribute to the rapidly expanding joint Clemson University and Prisma Health collaborative research agenda through publications and presentations.

The CUSHR Faculty Fellows program is a step forward in our commitment to health services research, and the University’s commitment to health innovation.

Jackie Cha
Cha will be collaborating with Dr. Alfredo Carbonell in the Department of Surgery, focusing on applications of human factors in surgical environments. Specifically, they will be investigating robotic-assisted surgical technologies and wearables (e.g., exoskeletons) in the operating room that may be used to improve surgical teams’ performance and training for better worker health and patient care.

“Both Dr. Hegde and I will be working on developing collaborative partnerships between Clemson University and Prisma Health in the area of health-related human factors engineering.”

Sudeep Hegde
Hegde will be working with Dr. Ronald Pirallo in Emergency Medicine in Prisma Health to understand adaptive performance of clinicians and staff in the unit. A specific focus would be to study the relationship between inter-physician handoff strategies and overall Emergency Department (ED) performance metrics. The research will be based on a complex sociotechnical-systems perspective of the ED to generate insights for resilient performance across organizational levels.

“The CUSHR Faculty Fellowship will help build on our ongoing collaborations with Prisma Health. I am looking forward to being an embedded researcher in the clinical setting. I believe that this will help create greater synergy between the academic thrusts of concept-generation and innovation on the one hand, and having meaningful impact at operational and organizational levels on the other.”