Hazardous weather: What to do if winter weather strikes

December 4, 2018

Winter weather in South Carolina is unpredictable. Faculty, staff and students should prepare by downloading and reviewing Clemson University’s emergency closing policy and procedures so you’ll know what to do if conditions deteriorate.

University officials monitor local weather conditions before making decisions to cancel classes, close offices or delay openings. Find updates on the status of Clemson classes and office closings at these sources:


Text and email 


  • Call 864-656-9513 for closure updates.
  • Local TV and radio station websites

Faculty and staff:

Only the governor can forgive time lost, so any part of your usual workday missed due to hazardous weather must be satisfied. Any announcement on TV or radio most likely applies to classes and students. A little further investigation may be in order.

Clemson University is a state agency with employees spread throughout the state. If the governor has declared all state agencies closed, Clemson will be closed. If the governor has not declared all state agencies closed and only portions of the state are impacted, you should investigate whether or not your Clemson work location is closed or on delay through these steps:

  • Visit your county government website.
  • Review the county government office’s schedule for your Clemson workplace.
  • Follow the schedule of that county’s government office.

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