Host an international student for a holiday meal

November 10, 2017

The Office of International Services seeks members of the Clemson Family to participate in its Holiday Meal Host program for international students and scholars and members of the local community.

About the program

The program connects Clemson’s visiting students and scholars with local students, faculty, staff and community members who are willing to open their homes during the holiday breaks this semester. Celebrations could include but are not limited to: holiday meals, events and family gatherings, cultural outings, or simply spending time together. The duration of the visit and itinerary can be decided between the student(s) and scholar(s) and the family.

Some students will travel during the breaks so dates, times, and length of stay are all negotiable. Plans and arrangements, including transportation, will be made between the host(s) and the student(s) once they are matched.

Meet and greet

Families and individuals interested in hosting and international students and scholars will submit applications to participate. The International Services staff will arrange matches according to the information provided.

International Services will host a Holiday Guest Meet and Greet, where program participants will be able to get to know each other, learn more about the program and find answers to their questions.

This program provides a special opportunity for Clemson’s international students and scholars to experience U.S. family life and participate in customs and traditions surrounding American holidays. It is also a great opportunity for all participants to learn about cultures, make connections and forge new friendships!

To apply

Applications are due: Nov. 17. Those who want to participate in this worthwhile program should submit their application using the below links.
Holiday host application
Holiday guest application

For information or questions, contact Iesha Steele or call the Office of International Services at 864-656-3614.

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