‘Required’ just got easier; training requirement information for all faculty and staff

October 2, 2018

In recent communications, faculty and staff members learned of new online training requirements, which are intended as proactive measures to protect the institution and those who work here. By Nov. 12, 2018, the university is expected to report that all faculty and staff have completed their required cybersecurity and conflict of interest training.

Good news

Faculty and staff can easily complete required online training modules through the university’s new training management system, Tiger Training. The system quickly manages your specific training requirements and deadlines. You will be notified of your enrollment in the training courses through an email sent from Tiger Training <>.

Next steps

Please follow three important steps:
1. Visit Tiger Training and log in.
2. Complete the required online training listed specifically for you before all deadlines. Participation by the noted deadline is required in all training that is listed for you when you log into Tiger Training.
3. Pay strict adherence to all training and disclosure deadlines. Caution! Computing access will be denied to those employees who fail to complete the training and related activities on or before the Nov. 12 deadline.

For more details, visit the Conflict of Interest Knowledge Center or Cybersecurity Knowledge Center. Employees with questions about their responsibilities with regard to the university-required training should talk with their supervisors.

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