Staff Senate and Athletics host recognition event for emergency personnel

August 27, 2018

By Alex Foster, Staff Senate

Last Wednesday saw a fast start to the 2018-19 academic year at Clemson. Perhaps even more important, Staff Senate, in partnership with Athletics, hosted a first-of-its kind event in recognition of Clemson’s first responders and emergency personnel.

Of course, any orange-blooded member of the Clemson Family knows that as with anything else, success comes from a “team effort,” so invitations were extended to all neighboring municipalities that play a pivotal role in the university’s operations, ranging from Convocation to those famous Clemson football Saturdays. It is truly a collaborative effort far beyond the scale of which most are aware.

Despite the first-day-of-school rush, many first responders and emergency personnel partners were able to participate,  including Clemson University Police, Clemson University Fire & EMS, Clemson City Police Department, South Carolina Highway Patrol and more.

Thanks to all those involved with the planning and execution of our inaugural First Responders event, including the Staff Senate Activities Committee, special guest speakers Director of Athletics Dan Radakovich, Student Affairs Vice President Almeda Jacks, Clemson University Police Chief Greg Mullen and all first responders and emergency personnel who are “ALL-IN” all the time.

Click HERE to view event photos.