Take advantage of employee discounts

July 27, 2018

By Cloe Michaud, Class of 2020

Whether it’s your first day working for Clemson or you’re a longtime employee, working for the university comes with perks. Vivian Morris, director of engagement and retention and her team members, work hard everyday to make sure that as a Clemson and State of South Carolina employee faculty and staff can access the best available discounts.

“Currently, our process includes visiting area merchants to see if they offer faculty and staff discounts, and if they don’t, we try to work with them to get started,” said Morris.

Clemson faculty and staff can enjoy discounts and perks through three different avenues, direct agreements between the university and the company, TicketsatWork, and the Perks Program. Morris says her biggest tip is to shop around using these sites because some discounts may vary between sites.

Morris also pointed out some of the most popular discounts available to employees and her personal favorites:

  1. Staples: Faculty and staff can register a credit card, which can be used for purchases at a Staples retail store located in any of the 48 contiguous states. Once registered, they will receive the company’s negotiated discounted price or the store price, whichever is lower.
  2. Cell phone discounts: Enjoy various discounts from Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile and AT&T.
  3. First Class H.A.L.T Automotive: 15 percent off off labor for the service of Honda, Acura, Lexus and Toyota
  4. Tickets at Work: Discounts are available on amusement park tickets, sporting events, shows, concerts and movies.
  5. PerksConnect program: Discounts are available nationwide on services such as real estate firms, law firms, hotels and more. Download the PerksConnect Plus app or print out PerksCard to use.

These are just five of the many discounts available to Clemson employees. To access a full list of discounts and perks available use this link. There you will also find links to the Tickets at Work and PerksConnect programs.

Always keep your Clemson TigerOne card on hand! Some of these discounts may require you to show identification and proof that you are a Clemson employee.