Barattoni, Luca

Italian Post-Neorealist Cinema. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press. 2013.

Unlike countries such as France, the Czech Republic or Brazil, Italy did not have a new wave properly understood as a movement. However, while new artistic schools were emerging in many other countries, Italy was undergoing its most dramatic social and economic transformations.

Vazsonyi, Nicholas

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Vazsonyi, Nicholas

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All modern artists have had to market themselves in some way. Richard Wagner may just have done it better than anyone else. In a self-promotional effort that began around 1840 in Paris, and lasted for the remainder of his career, Wagner claimed convincingly that he was the most German composer ever and the true successor of Beethoven.

An, Yanming

Engineering, Development and Philosophy: American, Chinese and European Perspectives. Edited by Steen H. Christensen, Carl Mitcham, Bocong Li, and Yanming An. Springer, 2012

This inclusive, cross-cultural study rethinks the nexus between engineering, development, and culture. It offers diverse commentary from a range of disciplinary perspectives on how the philosophies of today’s cultural triumvirate—American, European and Chinese—are shaped and given nuance by the cross-fertilization of engineering and development.