Tigers Building Healthier Communities Abroad

February 23, 2022

Tigers Building Healthier Communities Abroad is a student led organization conducting research within low-resourced communities in the Dominican Republic to develop collaborative and multi-disciplinary interventions improving communities’ health and well-being in a sustainable way. Several goals of this organization are to identify needs and assets of low-resourced communities, identify alternatives for health and well-being improvement, as well as engage students across different disciplines and expose them to experiential health learning and teamwork in a global context. Through partnerships and advocacy, members of this organization are able to collect data, meet with community officials, and create programs to build healthier and more sustainable communities.

The purpose of the Tigers Building Healthier Communities Abroad student organization include:

  • Contributing to and representing the Creative Inquiry on Building Healthier Communities in the Dominican Republic to Clemson University and elsewhere.
  • Serving as a forum where students from multiple disciplines can meet and exchange information, ideas and concerns about global health issues, and other aspects related to their education;
  • Providing opportunities for students to get to know their peers and explore other cultures through collaborating of the design and implementation of research in developing countries, research team meetings and outings and volunteering in the community in health-related opportunities;
  • Helping students succeed in their major and prepare for their future through contact with guest speakers, alumni, study abroad advisors and other campus and community resources.

TBHCA Student Organization Officers (2018-2019)

President: Marisol Miranda (
Vice President: Tessa Gagne (
Treasurer: Sydney Bryan (
Secretary: Natalie Claypool (
Public Relations: Adrina Patterson (


Dr. Arelis Moore de Peralta (

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