Clemson Faculty Learning at the Sloan-C Institute

June 3, 2014

Clemson Online is pleased to recognize several faculty and staff members who have successfully completed one of Sloan-C’s Mastery Series and/or the Sloan-C Foundations Course toward earning the prestigious Online Teaching Certificate. These professional development opportunities are the result of a partnership between the Sloan-C Institute and Clemson University to provide educational offerings for the enhancement of skills and knowledge to promote Clemson student success.

The following video and associated transcript by Sandra Coswatte, Director of the Sloan-C Institute for Learning, describes the awards and accomplishments of the these individuals. Clemson Online would like to encourage other faculty and staff to consider participating in these programs. For more information, please contact Dr. Witt Salley, Director of Clemson Online, at

Faculty and Staff:

Kern Cox, Department of Graphic Communications
Erica Walker, Department of Graphic Communications
Angela Fraser, Department of Food, Nutrition, and Packaging Science
Melissa Lockhart, Learning Technologies, Clemson Computing and Information Technology
Marilyn Reba, Department of Mathematical Sciences
Amy Graff, Clemson Online
Barbara Hoskins, College of Health, Education, and Human Development
Roxanne Amerson, School of Nursing
Janice Lanham, School of Nursing
Wanda Taylor, School of Nursing

Hello – my name is Sandra Coswatte and I serve as the Director of the Sloan-C Institute for Learning.  Sloan-C and Clemson University have partnered to work together on providing educational opportunities for faculty.  Clemson University is committed to providing you professional development opportunities that develop your skills and enhance the learning environment for your students.

Several Faculty members have enrolled in the Sloan-C Online Teaching Certificate Program which consists of a Foundation Course, 3 Workshop Electives, and a Final Project.  The Sloan-C Online Teaching Certificate prepares educators to teach and improve online courses using the Sloan-C pillars of quality in online education.  The pillars of quality are learning effectiveness, scale, faculty and student satisfaction, and access.

The following five faculty members have completed the Foundation Course and are making progress towards completion of their Sloan-C Online Teaching Certificate.  They are:

Kern Cox, Erica Walker, Angela Fraser, Melissa Lockhart, and Marilyn Reba.

Another learning option was the Mobile Learning Mastery Series.  The Mobile Learning Mastery Series is a series of three workshops focusing on the research, teaching, and assessment of mobile learning environments. Throughout each of the workshops, participants explored relevant research and used that research to help them design  effective mobile learning strategies in their course.

Four Clemson Faculty Members successfully completed the Mobile Mastery Series.  They are:

Amy Graff, Barbara Hoskins, Melissa Lockhart and Marilyn Reba.

The third learning program that Clemson faculty participated in was the Online Nursing Mastery Series.  The Online Nursing Mastery Series is specifically designed for nurse educators to provide faculty with the knowledge and skills to use multimedia instructional technologies confidently and effectively in online nursing courses.

At the conclusion of the Mastery Series, faculty will integrate their knowledge and skills to transform a current or future online course into a creative, engaging and motivational community for online learners.

Three Clemson Faculty Members successfully completed the Nursing Mastery Series.  They are:

Roxanne Amerson, Janice Lanham, and Wanda Taylor

Congratulations Clemson Faculty Members!  Thank you for learning with Sloan-C and continuing to develop the quality of your online courses.

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