Clemson Online Student Spotlight: Online RCID Program Leads to New Position for Student

October 13, 2014

Josh Herron recently landed a new administrative position in online education at Anderson University, while continuing in the RCID PhD program here at Clemson University. During his last 2 years, Josh Herron was a lecturer of English at Anderson University where he taught face-to-face and online courses. Because of his interest in an interdisciplinary PhD program and also in technology and learning, he became part of the inaugural online cohort of the RCID program. This program, which stands for Rhetorics, Communication, and Information Design, allows students to work heavily with the new media and digital technologies in their studies. To further explore online learning, Josh developed a relationship with Dr. Witt Salley, Director of Clemson Online, and served as on online course reviewer over the summer for Clemson Online. During this time, a position became available at Anderson University for an Instructional Designer in the Center for Innovation, Design, and Digital Learning. The tasks of this center include supporting faculty and students of online and hybrid courses and degree programs as well as assisting with course and instructional design, a Mobile Learning Initiative, technology integration, and innovation in teaching and learning. Josh continues to teach English courses at all levels at Anderson face-to-face and online.

Josh Herron

“The experience of the online PhD program in the cutting-edge RCID program as well as the support and experiences offered by Witt Salley and Clemson Online led to opportunities that would have been beyond my grasp. The expertise and encouragement of the faculty in the RCID program is a rare combination that I’ve not found in any other program–in person or online. I was able to take my experience as a faculty member and new knowledge and experience in online learning to leverage a position as online and hybrid learning administrator to serve faculty and students in these areas.”



| Written by Haley Sudduth, Clemson Online

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