Clemson Online Team Garners Two Awards for Best Practices Methodology

September 25, 2015

The team at Clemson Online has been honored twice this week for its ingenuity in online education best practices. The team’s original research, titled “CONCERT, ENCORE(S) and BACKSTAGE: The Fine Art of Assuring Quality in Online Education,” won the Distance Education Innovation Award at this week’s National University Technology Network conference in Savannah, GA, and it earned the 2015 Effective Practice Award from the Online Learning Consortium, which will be presented in October.

The National University Technology Network ( is a higher education consortium that supports the use of cutting-edge and emerging technologies in teaching and learning. The Distance Education Innovation Award is presented annually to “an individual or group that has developed an innovative program or practice that contributes to the field of distance education,” including those whose innovations advance the “application of technology to teaching and learning in higher education.” Dr. Melanie Shaw, Clemson Online’s Director of Research and Strategic Advancement, accepted the award in Savannah on behalf of the Clemson Online team.

The Online Learning Consortium (OLC) is the foremost professional organization dedicated to online education development, instruction, and best practices around the world. OLC will hold its 21st Annual International Conference this October in Orlando, FL, and will present the 2015 OLC Effective Practice Award for the team’s innovative research, honoring “The Fine Art of Assuring Quality” as a peer-reviewed best practice in the field of online education. Dr. Witt Salley, Clemson Online’s Executive Director, will accept the award on behalf of the Clemson Online team.

CONCERT, ENCORE(S), and BACKSTAGE are the program methods the Clemson Online leadership team developed to grant course certification, evaluate quality assurance, and ensure best practices in design and delivery of online courses. The Clemson Online methodology, developed under the direction of Witt Salley, has been highly regarded in the online learning community as inventive and comprehensive in scope.

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