Innovative Lightboard Technology Coming to Clemson!

March 21, 2016

Clemson, SC – Clemson Online has partnered with Clemson Broadcast Productions to bring Lightboard Technology to campus.

The Lightboard, a tool developed and shared by Dr. Michael Peshkin at Northwestern University, allows instructors to create engaging multimedia lectures, without ever  having to turn to a smartboard or cut to a different camera.

Jonathan Lashley, Director of Texts and Technologies for Clemson Online, aims to make lightboards the standard for lecture capture formats at Clemson. “The first lightboard will be housed at the Madren Center, where our colleagues at Clemson Broadcast Productions will help us introduce the academic community to professional-grade use of this technology,” says Lashley.

Lightboard-based lectures streamline the recording and editing process while also improving an instructor’s connection with student viewers. As an instructor lectures behind illuminated tempered glass, any presentation slides, diagrams, and notes my be projected in front of the instructor. And so the instructor always faces the camera and shares the frame with their presentation materials.

Because of Clemson Broadcast Productions’ resources and expertise, their staff will record, edit, and produce recordings for instructors who are interested in using Clemson’s first lightboard. There is no need for faculty to navigate the technical tasks of inverting cameras and projecting angles.

“The goal for this initial lightboard setup is for faculty to be able to focus on their instruction and not get bogged down in video production,” says Lashley. For instructors who are more familiar with video production or want more creative control, however, Lashley says Clemson Online already has plans to construct and install additional “turn-key” lightboards at Clemson.

The Madren Center’s lightboard construction is underway, and Clemson Broadcast Productions is already scheduling faculty requests to make use of this exciting new technology.

Contact Clemson Broadcast Productions for more information about recording with the Madren Center lightboard.

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