First Friday Coffee and Conversations

November 1, 2017

By Vincent deVenoge, Clemson Online Educational Resources and Media Intern

First Friday Coffee and Conversations is held the first Friday of every month where faculty gather to converse about a different topic over cups of morning coffee. The conversation on Friday, October 6th revolved around Virtual Reality technology and how it could play an important role in the classroom.

In addition to faculty, leaders of the Clemson Virtual Reality Club attended and helped spark the conversation. These students explained how Virtual Reality works and how it could assist those who work in higher education. They were kind enough to answer any questions that faculty members had for them. Special thanks to them for sharing their Virtual Reality passion and for introducing something that is growing here at Clemson University.

In addition to learning about Virtual Reality, attendees also gained hands on experience with the technology as we took our conversation into the Virtual Reality Creative Suite in the Watt Center. Virtual Reality Club members showcased and explained different VR packages and headsets. They even allowed participants to try on and use different VR headsets to get first-hand experience of how the technology works. Check out some pictures of our most recent meeting here!

The next First Friday Coffee and Conversations will be held on Friday, November 3rd at 8:15 in the Watt Center Café. The conversation topic this time will be Summative Assessment using Digital Posters and Videos. Be sure to join us and spread the news!

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